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God of Gamblers

God of Gamblers

Apr. 19, 2020Chinese74 Min.Not Rated
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God of Gamblers tells the story of Xu Jiabao. Once he was fishing for a living. He rescued the God of Gamblers Shen 13 by accident. And was involved in the turmoil and conspiracy of the Jinyan Island gambling community. The film revolves around “anti-gambling”. For the mother’s medical expenses. Xu Jiabao had no choice but to engage in a “gamble-free” transaction with the gambling god Shen XIII. As long as the three players of Jinyan Island gambler, gambler and gambler quit Can get huge amounts of money. But Xu Jiabao was unwavering in the face of the temptation of interests, and used his own wisdom to counterattack the gambling industry. He insist on his own values. Which ultimately affected everyone’s views on gambling. He untie the gambler’s heart, purify the gambler’s obsession, defeat the king of the gambler, use his actions to prove to them that only staying away from gambling is the correct value of life, and quit gambling this time Brigade harvested his love.

Original title 赌神之神

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